Love thy self

"Doing things differently is what going from self-hate to self-love is all about. I need to be more open to the changes that are happening in my life. Not just the physical, which is all I have been focusing on for the last 27 days, but the spiritual and mental changes too."//scrappingal

"Imagine that once upon a time you knew you were perfect.
At some point you forgot.
You started trying to get somewhere.
Something happened and you decided you weren’t enough.
You started looking outside yourself for the answers.
You forgot you already had all of the answers.
You lost sight of your power.
You lost sight of your dreams or told yourself that you didn’t have any.
You started playing small.
You stopped living your life fully. You kept searching but never finding.
You settled for an ordinary life.
You thought that was all you deserved.
At the moment of crisis, when we realize we are stuck, or shut down in some way, we have an opportunity to begin a new way of being. By practicing awareness, we can regain a sense of self and recreate our lives and who we are."//visionmagazine:KristenMoeller

How To Love You: Five Steps On The Journey of Self-Love

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